Counter cinema
bibliography from JUMP CUT

by Julia Lesage

from Jump Cut, no. 28, April 1983, p. 53
copyright Jump Cut: A Review of Contemporary Media, 1983, 2005

Alan Lovell's and Julia Lesage's articles on Godard in this issue continue and extend JUMP CUT's discussion of Godard and radical counter-cinema.

No. 1 (May-June 1974)

  • "WANDA and MARILYN TIMES FIVE: Seeing through Cinema-Verité" by Chuck Kleinhans

No. 2 (July-August 1974)

  • "LUCIA" by Peter Biskind

No. 3 (September-October 1974)

  • "Interview with Jean-Pierre Gorin" by Christian Braad Thomson.
    No. 4 (November-December 1974)
  • "Political Formations in the Cinema of Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet" by Martin Walsh
  • "From Tear-Jerkers to Thought-Provokers: Types of Audience Response" by Chuck Kleinhans

"WIND FROM THE EAST" by Julia Lesage

  • "Brecht Issue of Screen" reviewed by Julia Lesage.

No. 5 (January-February 1975)

  • "Afterimages — Notes from Practice" by John Jost
  • "WOMAN OF THE GANGES" by Barbara Halpern Martineau
  • "Critical Dialogue on WOMAN OF THE GANGES" by John Hess and William Van Wert

No. 6 (March-April 1975)

  • "Reading and Thinking about the Avant-garde" by Chuck Kleinhans

No. 7 (May-July l975)

  • "LE GAI SAVOIR" by James Monaco
  • "LE GAI SAVOIR" by Ruth Perlmutter
  • "Film as a Subversive Art (Amos Vogel)" reviewed by Chuck Kleinhans

No. 8 (August-September 1975)

  • "GREASER'S PALACE" by Chuck Kleinhans
  • "Women's Films at Knokke" by Verina Glaessner

No. 9 (October-December 1975)

  • "NUMÉRO DEUX" by Reynold Humphries
  • "Psychoanalysis and Film — An Exchange" by Ben Brewster, Stephen Heath, Cohn MacCabe, and Chuck Kleinhans

No. 10/11 (Summer 1976)

  • "MILESTONES" by Michelle Citron, Chuck Kleinhans, and Julia Lesage
  • "Critical Responses to MILESTONES" by Bill Horrigan
  • "Interview with Robert Kramer and John Douglas on MILESTONES" by G. Roy Levin
  • "THE MERCHANT OF FOUR SEASONS" by Barbara Leaming
  • "Cinema Novo and the Pitfalls of Cultural Nationalism" by Hans Proppe and Susan Tarr
  • "Noel Burch's Film Theory" by Martin Walsh
  • "Burch and Brecht — Critical Dialogue" by Chuck Kleinhans

No. 12/13 (December 1976)

  • "MACUNAIMA" by J.R. Molotnick
  • "UNDERGROUND" by Thomas Waugh
  • Articles on New Film Theory by Geoffrey Nowell-Smith, Judith Mayne, Julia Lesage, and E. Ann Kaplan
  • "THE NIGHTCLEANERS" by Claire Johnston
  • "MOSES AND AARON" by Martin Walsh
  • "Interview with Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet" by Joel Rogers

No. 14 (March 1977)

  • "OCTOBER" by Murray Sperber

No. 15 (July 1977)

  • "JONAH WHO WILL BE 25 IN THE YEAR 2,000" by Robert Stam, with response by Linda Greene, John Hess, and Robin Lakes
  • "Brecht vs. Pabst in THE THREEPENNY OPERA" by Jan-Christopher Horak
  • "EFFI BRIEST" by Renny Harrigan

No. 16 (November 1977)

  • "FOX AND HIS FRIENDS — Gays in Film" by Bob Cant
  • "FOX AND HIS FRIENDS" by Andrew Britton
  • "JEANNE DIELMAN" by Jayne Loader
  • "Criticizing UNDERGROUND" by Peter Biskind (introduction) and by the Weather Underground Revolutionary Committee and Bernadine Dohrn

No. 17 (April 1978)

  • "Brecht and the Politics of Self-Reflexive Cinema" by Dana Polan

No. 18 (August l978)

  • "ICI ET AILLEURS and SIX FOIS DEUX" by Guy Hennebelle (trans. Tiffany Fleiss)

No. 19 (December l978)

  • "RAPE" by Julia Lesage
  • Special Section on Revolutionary Cuban Cinema:
  • "Overview" by Julianne Burton
  • "SIMPARELE" by Louise Diamond and Lynn Parker
  • "LUCIA" by John Mraz
  • "Interview with Humberto Solás" by Marta Alvear
  • "ONE WAY OR ANOTHER" by Carlos Galiano

No. 20 (May 1979)

  • "Ways of Seeing (John Berger)" reviewed by Peter Steven
  • Revolutionary Cuban Cinema, Part II:
  • "Films of Manuel Octavio Gomez" by John Hess
  • "Interview with Manuel Octavio Gomez" by Julianne Burton
  • "ONE WAY OR ANOTHER" by Julia Lesage
  • "For an Imperfect Cinema" by Julio Garcia Espinosa (trans. Julianne Burton)
  • "Imperfect Cinema, Brecht, and JUAN QUIN QUIN" by Anna Marie Taylor

No. 21 (November 1979)

  • "TENT OF MIRACLES" by Joan R. Dassin

No. 22 (May 1980)

  • Brazilian Cinema:
  • "Music in Glauber Rocha's Films" by Graham Bruce
  • "XICA DA SILVA" by Randal Johnson "THE FALL" by Robert Stan
  • Cuban Cinema:
  • "DEATH OF A BUREAUCRAT" by B. Ruby Rich

No. 23 (November 1980)

  • "DAUGHTER RITE" by Jane Feuer
  • "Women's Space in Soviet Film" by Judith Mayne

No. 24/25 (March 1981)

  • Special Section on Lesbians and Film:
  • "The Films of Barbara Hammer" by Jacqueline Zita
  • "WOMEN I LOVE and DOUBLE STRENGTH" by Andrea Weiss
  • "The Films of Jan Oxenberg" by Michelle Citron

No. 26 (December 1981)

  • "EL SALVADOR: THE PEOPLE WILL WIN" by Michael Chanan
  • "THE TERROR AND THE TIME" by Bert Hogenkamp
  • "THE TERROR AND THE TIME" by John Hess
  • "Interview with Rupert Roopnaraine" by Monica Jardine and Andaiye

No. 27 (July 1982)

  • "German Feminist Filmmaking: Interviews with Helga Reidemeister, Jutta Brückner, and Christina Perincioli" by Marc Silberman
  • "SIX FOIS DEUX" by Jean Collet (trans. Dana Polan)
  • "Epic Theater and the Principles of Counter-Cinema" by Alan Lovell
  • Godard and Gorin 's Left Politics. 1967-72