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Jump Cut, No. 16, November 1977

The Deep by Serafina Kent Bathrick
King Kong by Ernest Larsen
Lumière by Phyllis Schearer
Twilight's Last Gleaming by Joe Heumann
Slap Shot by Frank Stricker
Like A Rose by Robert Pest
Jeanne Dielman by Jayne Loader
Gays and Film, Intro. Special Section by Chuck Kleinhans
Films by Gays for Gays by Thomas Waugh
Homosexuality and Film Noir by Richard Dyer
Fassbinder's Fox And His Friends by Bob Cant, reply by Andrew Britton
Bertolucci's Gay Images by Will Aitken
Gays, Straights, Film and the Left by Tom Waugh and Chuck Kleinhans
TV's Medical Center's Sexual Contradictions by Shiela Wawanash
Robin Wood's Film Criticism by William Van Wert
Hollywood Directors, 1914-1940, reviewed by Greg Waller
Film and Photo League dialogue by David Platt, Russell Campbell
The Front by Reynold Humphries.
Weather Underground faction attacks Underground by Peter Biskind
Support Julia Lesage, editorial by Hess and Kleinhans
Martin Walsh, 1947-1977, by Chuck Kleinhans
Gay Liberation by Editors and Staff.

Jump Cut, No. 17, April 1978

Brothers by Kate Ellis
Healthcaring: From Our End Of The Speculum by Marcia Rothenberg
Chicago Maternity Center Story by Judith Gardiner
Kartemquin interview by Kleinhans, Robin Lakes, Lesage, Anna Marie Taylor
American Shoeshine by Robert Pest
California Newsreel by Bill Nichols
Film and Ideology: Special Section Intro. by John Hess
But It's Only a Movie by James Linton
Ideology, Determinism, and Relative Autonomy by Michael Rosenthal
Sound and Color by Edward Buscombe
His Girl Friday by Tom Powers
Politics of Self-Reflexive Cinema by Dana Polan
Cahiers du cinéma's Politics by William Guynn
No Tundra Theories, Please by Bill Nichols
Reply to William Guynn by Chuck Kleinhans
Report on Conference Not Attended by B. Ruby Rich, Kleinhans
Politics of Editing, 2 by the Editors

Jump Cut, No. 18, August 1978

Julia by Martha Vicinus
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind by Robert Entman, Francie Seymour
South Africa Documentaries by Patrick O'Meara
Recent Godard and Miéville work by Guy Braucourt, Guy Hennebelle
Star Wars by Dan Rubey
The Last Waltz by Roger Shatzkin
Gays in Film by Richard Dyer
Ozu's Reactionary Cinema by Marc Holthof
Harry Alan Potamkin's criticism by Russell Campbell
Dudley Andrew's Film Theories reviewed by Bruce Jenkins
Six Guns and Society reviewed by Janey Place
Slow Fade to Black reviewed by Robert Pest
Positive Images introduction by Linda Artel and Susan Wengraf
Positive Images reviewed by Diane Waldman
Lumière dialogue by Mary Robinson, Phyllis Shearer
Rocky by Michael Gallantz
Cineaste on gays and film by Cineaste editorial board, Tom Waugh
Dialogue on Johah by Richard Kazis, John Hess
Gay Cultural Front by Tom Waugh
Coming Home wheelchair protest by Kimberly Safford
Readings in Radical Politics and Culture by Kleinhans and Hess
Politics of Editing 3: Internal Education by the Editors

Jump Cut, No. 19, December 1978

F.I.S.T. by Ernest Larsen
Julia. Turning Point by Pam Rosenthal
Lost Honor Of Katharina Blum by Daniel Cetinich
In Best Interests Of The Children by Ruth Mahaney
Iris Films interviewed by Cathy Cade, Hess, Carole Raimondi
Crisis of Naming in Feminist Film Criticism by B. Ruby Rich
Lacemaker. Free Breathing by Barbara Halpern Martineau
JoAnn Elam's Rape by Julia Lesage
Revolutionary Cuban Cinema, Intro. Special Section 1 by Julianne Burton
Simparele by Louise Diamond, Lynn Parker
Humberto Solás interview by Marta Alvear
Lucía by John Mraz
One Way Or Another by Carlos Galiano 
Andre Bazin reviewed by Bill Horrigan
Film Reader 3 by Linda Williams
Revolutionary Soviet Film Posters reviewed by David Kunzle
20s-30s European Workers Films by Bert Hogenkamp, Russell Campbell
Dialogue on In The Year Of The Pig by Emile de Antonio, Bill Nichols
Homosexuality in Cuba by the Editors and Staff
Happy Birthday, Cineaste! by the Editors

Jump Cut, No. 20, May 1979.

Remember My Name by Ernest Larsen
Girlfriends by Rebecca A. Bailin
The Gauntlet by Robert Alpert
The Wilby Conspiracy by Mary-Kay Gamel Orlandi
Ways Of Seeing by Peter Steven
Gay Film Work (1972-77)by Ray Olson
Special Section: Revolutionary Cuban Cinema, Pt. 2
With The Cuban Women by Pat Aufderheide
The New School by Valerie Landau
Films of Manuel Octavio Gómez by John Hess
Manuel Octavio Gómez interview by Julianne Burton
One Way Or Another by Julia Lesage
For an Imperfect Cinema by Julio Garcia Espinosa
Juan Quin Quin by Anna Marie Taylor
Eyewitless News by Tim Patterson
Political Economy of TV by Joyce Nelson
Theodor Adorno on Mass Culture by Thomas Andrae,
Movies and Mythologies reviewed by Blaine Allen by Peter Harcourt
To Unite Filmaking and Film Criticism by Ernest Larsen, Sherry Millner

Jump Cut, No. 21, November 1979

Alien and Dawn Of The Dead by Ernest Larsen
Blacks Britannica by Peter Biskind
Blacks Britannica by Joel Dreyfuss
Heaven Can Wait by Lynette Carpenter
Violette by Claudette Charbonneau and Lucy Winer
Battle Of Chile by Victor Wallis
Battle Of Chile by Angry Arts Collective
The Rising Tide by Anne Lawrence
Namibia Documentaries by Michael Mercer
Special Section: Brazilian Renaissance
Introduction: Beyond Cinema Novo by Robert Stam and Randal Johnson
Censorship in Brazil by Robert Stam
Tent Of Miracles by Joan R. Dassin
Films of Shirley MacLaine reviewed by Serafina K. Bathrick
In Defense of Stars by Patricia Erens
Julia by Elizabeth Hess
Free Thaelmann by Bert Hogencamp
Word Is Out by Fran Taylor
Artistic Freedom In Cuba, exchange by Michael Scrivener, JC editor
Dialogue on Healthcaring
by Lawrence Diller and Marcia Rothenberg
Notes on U.S. Radical Film, 1967-80, by John Hess
Alternative Cinema Conference Report by Chuck Kleinhans,
Conference Times Seven by Ellen Seiter, Peter Steven, Peter Biskind, Michelle Citron, Kleinhans, Lesage, Ruby Rich, Peter Steven, and Thomas Waugh

Jump Cut, No. 22, May 1980

Norma Rae by Henry A. Giroux
The China Syndrome by Michael Gallantz
The China Syndrome by Doug Zwick
Norma Rae and Textile Workers on Film by Jackie Wolf
Quebec Cinema by Michel Houle
Special Section: Brazilian Renaissance, Pt. 2
Music in Glauber Rocha by Graham Bruce
Xica Da Silva by Randal Johnson
The Fall by Robert Stam
Brazil Film Update by Julianne Burton, Randal Johnson, Robert Stam
Special Section: Revolutionary Cuban Cinema, 3
Joris Ivens' Work in Cuba by Tom Waugh
Death Of A Bureaucrat by B. Ruby Rich
Portrait Of Teresa by B. Ruby Rich
Film Criticism in Cuba with Enrique Colina by Jorge Silva
Cuba Bibliography by Julianne Burton, John Hess
Alternative Cinema Workshop and Conference Caucuses Documents
Audience Strikes Back by Michelle Citron, Hess, Kleinhans, Helene Langer
Censorship at WNET by the Editors

Jump Cut, No. 23, October 1980

Blues Brothers by Doug Eisenstark
Urban Cowboy. Bronco Billy by Rachel Kranz
Kramer vs. Kramer by Rebecca A. Baum
Chuquiago by Alfonso Gumucio Dagron
The Nationalists by Edward Benson, Jane Southwick
Notes on Chicano Cinema by Jason Johansen
One Struggle, Many Fronts by Clyde Taylor
The Black Stallion by Ellen Seiter
Michelle Citron's Daughter Rite by Jane Feuer
Saturday Night Fever by Peter Steven
Apocalypse Now by B. Ruby Rich
Apocalypse Now by Rachel Kranz
The Deerhunter. Apocalypse Now by Michael Klein
Buffalo Bill And The Indians by Janey Place
Musicals: Mass Art as Folk Art by Jane Feuer
Women's Space in Soviet Film Narrative by Judith Mayne
Documentary Film Bibliography by Jack Ellis
Protesting Dressed To Kill
American Film Now reviewed by James Naremore
Capital and Culture: German Cinema reviewed by Marc Silberman
Young Viewers reviewed by Ray Olson
The Sponsor reviewed by Joyce Nelson
Dreams and Dead Ends reviewed by Valentin Almendarez
Windows in Prison by Wesley Harris
Canadian Film by Peter Harcourt
Bolivia, editorial by Julianne Burton, Hess, Kleinhans, Lesage

Jump Cut, Nos. 24/25, March 1981

9 to 5 by Carol Slingo
Invasion Of The Body Snatchers by Sumiko Higashi
Anti-nuclear Documentaries by Judy Taylor
Harvest 3000 by Michael Quam
Working Collectively on Word Is Out by Robert Epstein
Showing Films at Magic Lantern by Richard Kazis
Charlie's Angels by Cathy Schwichtenberg
Shogun by Roger Shatzkin
Introduction: Lesbians and Film Special Section by Edith Becker,
Michelle Citron, Julia Lesage, B. Ruby Rich
Filmography of Lesbian Works by Andrea Weiss
Lesbian Vampires by Bonnie Zimmerman
Lesbians in "Nice" Films by Claudette Charboneau, Lucy Winer
Films of Barbara Hammer by Jacquelyn Zita
Women I Love and Double Strength by Andrea Weiss
Films of Jan Oxenberg by Michelle Citron
Hollywood Transformed by Judy Whitaker
Celine And Julie Go Boating by Julia Lesage
Maedchen In Uniform by B. Ruby Rich
Feminist Film Criticism from JUMP CUT
Film Theory in the Classroom by Bill Nichols
China Syndrome by Gary Weimberg
Gay Liberation (from Jump Cut 16 editorial)
Lesbian Feminism, editorial by Doug Eisenstark, Hess, Kleinhans,
Peter Steven

Jump Cut, No. 26, December 1981

Dragonslayer by Gary Weimberg
Tess by Jane Marcus
No Maps On My Taps by Marcia Biederman
Kramer Vs. Kramer by Eileen Malloy
Blue Collar by Michael Omi
The Shootist by Steven Albert
Shampoo by Chuck Kleinhans
Special Section: Films in Struggle
Three on El Salvador: An Introduction by Michael Chanan
El Salvador: Revolution Or Death by Peter Steven
El Salvador: The People Will Win by Michael Chanan
El Salvador: Portrait Of A Liberated Zone by Margaret Henry
Attack On The Americas by Ruth McDonough Fitzpatrick
Selected resources on El Salvador by The Editors
Une Histoire De Femmes/ A Wives' Tale by Barbara Halpern Martineau
Wives' Tale interview by Peter Steven, Martineau, Kleinhans
The Patriot Game's Arthur McCaig interview by Angela Martin
Truth and Distortion in Northern Ireland by Angela Martin
Terror And The Time by Bert Hogenkamp
Terror And The Time by John Hess
Rupert Roopnaraine interview by Andaiye-Monica Jardine
Victor Jara Collective Update by Lewanne Jones
German Communist Kinokultur, 1 by Jan-Christopher Horak
Iranian Documentary by Hamid Naficy
Women and Pornography by Julia Lesaqe
Fantasies and Nightmares by Valerie Miner
Broken Blossoms by Julia Lesage
Women and Pornography Readings by Gina Marchetti
Feminist Film Production Teaching by Michelle Citron, Ellen Seiter
To the Distant Observer reviewed by Dana Polan
Screening Out the Past reviewed by Eli Zaretsky
Bolivian Film Critic Killed by Alfonso Gamucio Dagron
Measuring Audience Response by Leonard Henny
Theater Janitors Strike by Gail Sullivan
Fat and Sassy by the Editors
Radical Culture Work in the Reagan Era by the Editors

Jump Cut, No. 27, July 1982

Personal Best by Linda Williams
On Golden Pond by Deborah H. Holdstein
La Cage Aux Folles 2 by Carolyn Durham
Blow Out by Beth Horning
Man Of Marble. Man Of Iron by Lisa DiCarpio
Breaker Morant by Stephen Crofts
Special Section: Third Word Film
For Our Urgent Use: Films on Central America by Julia Lesage
Christine Choy interview by Sherry Millner
Politics and Style in Black Girl by Marsha Landy
Female Domestic Labor in Black Girl by Lieve Spass
Women in Xala by Françoise Pfaff
Xala: Cinema of Wax and Gold by Teshome Gabriel
Bottle Babies by Howard Z. Lorber, Margo Cornelius
Cinema in Turkey: Yílmaz Güney by Dennis Giles, Haluk Sahin
El Salvador: Lucio Lieras interview by John Mraz, Eli Bartra
From The Ashes (Poem) James Scully
Special Section: Film and Feminism in Germay
From the Outside Moving In
by Marc Silberman
German Women's Movement and Ours by Renny Harrigan
Helga Reidemeister interview by Marc Silberman
On Documentary Filmmaking by Helga Reidemeister
Jutta Brückner interview by Marc Silberman 46
Brückner, Perincioli, and Reidemeister group interview by Marc Silberman
Feminism and Film by Helke Sander
Why Women go to the Movies by Gertrud Koch
Mother Krause's Trip to Heaven by Jan-Christopher Horak
Movies and Münsterberg by George Mitchell
A Good Use of TV: 6 x 2 by Jean Collet
Epic Theater and Counter-Cinema by Alan Lovell
Sexual Strategems reviewed by Maureen Turim
Dialogue on 9 to 5 and Charlie's Angels by Ira Sohn, Cathy Schwlchtenberg
Censorship on Public Television by the Editors

Jump Cut, No. 28, April 1983

Tootsie by Deborah H. Holdstein
Diner by Deborah H. Holdstein
Poltergeist by Douglas Kellner
Reds on Reds by John Hess, Chuck Kleinhans
The Verdict by Phyllis Deutsch
Victor/Victoria by Mark Bernstein
E.T. by Phyllis Deutsch
An Officer And A Gentleman by Jon Lewis
Chariots Of Fire by Ed Carter
Birgitt Haas Must Be Killed by Hal Peat
White Zombie by Tony Williams
Southern Fictions by Mary Bufwack
The Mammy in Hollywood Film by Sybil DelGaudio
Saturday Afternoons by Marty Gliserman
Peru: Pancho Adrienzen interview by Buzz Alexander
Mozambique: Pedro Pimente interview by Clyde Taylor
Special Section: Alternative Cinema in the 80s
by Chuck Kleinhans
Independent Features at the Crossroads by Lynn Garafola
D.E.C. Films Collective interview by Margaret Cooper
We Are The Guinea Pigs by Doug Eisenstark
Life And Times Of Rosie The Riveter by Sue Davenport
Susana by Claudia Gorbman
Films of Sharon Couzin by Gina Marchetti, Carol Slingo
New U.S. Black Cinema by Clyde Taylor
Epic Cinema and Counter Cinema by Alan Lovell
Godard and Gorin's Left Politics by Julia Lesage
Counter Cinema JC Bibliography by Julia Lesage
Sexual Politics by Cathy Schwichtenberg
Tap Dancing by John Fell
The Celluloid Closet reviewed by Martha Fleming
Hollywood Social Problem Film reviewed by Jeremy Butler
Covering Islam reviewed by Michael Selig
Government Censors Short by Janine Verblinski
Puerto Rico's Super-8 Festival by Maria Christina Rodriguez
Latinos in Public Broadcasting by Jesus Salvador Treviño
Racism, History, and Mass Media by Mark I. Pinsky
Jean Seberg and Information Control by Margia Kramer
Terry Santana by the Editors

Jump Cut, No. 29, February 1984

Music Video by Deborah H. Holdstein
Flashdance by Kathryn Kalinak
Blade Runner by Douglas Kellner, Flo Leibowitz Michael Ryan
Tighten Your Belts, Bite The Bullet by Doug Eisenstark
Sophie's Choice by Phyllis Deutsch
Prisoner Without A Name by Hal W. Peat
Under Fire by Marjorie Woodford Bray
The Meaning Of Life by Fred Glass
El Salvador: Daniel Solis interview by Julia Lesage
The Viewer's Dialectic, 1, by Tomàs Gutierrez Alea
Havana: Pastor Vega interview by Sérvulo Siqueira
Mexican Cinema reviewed by John Mraz
Women and Representation: Special Section Introduction by Jane Gaines
Women and Film #2 Editorial (1972) by Siew-Hwa Beh, Saunie Salyer
Loving with a Vengence reviewed by Jane Feuer
Women's Pictures reviewed by Jacqueline Levitin
Women and Film reviewed by Sarah Halprin
Black Women Filmmakers by Claudia Springer
La Operación and interview with filmmaker by Kimberly Safford
Diva by Ernece B. Kelly
Personal Best by Chris Straayer
Lianna by Lisa DiCaprio
What You Take for Granted by JoAnn Elam
Lie Back and Enjoy It by Claudia Gorbman
German Film Women 2
Women's Cinema in Germany by Claudia Lennsen
Power of Men is the Patience of Women by Gretchen Elsner-Sommer
Excerpts from frauen und film, trans. by Marc Silberman
Christina Perincioli interviews by Marc Silberman, Gretchen Elsner-Sommer
Erika Runge interview by Marc Silberman
Ula Stöckl interview by Marc Silberman
Ulrike Ottinger interview by Marc Silberman
Marianne and Julianne by Lisa DiCaprio
Helke Sander interview by Marc Silberman
The All Around Reduced Personality: Redupers by Liza Katzman
The All Around Reduced Personality: Redupers by Uta Berg-Ganschow
Sing, Iris, Sing by Gretchen Elsner-Sommer
Dialogue on The Verdict by Dave Linn, Phyllis Deutsch
Dialogue on Blow Out by Jacquelin Bautista, Beth Horning
UCLA Gay and Lesbian Media Conference by John Ramirez, Larry Horne
Resist U.S. Imperialism by the Editors

Jump Cut, No. 30, March 1985

Purple Rain by Jon Lewis
Return Of The Jedi by Jon Lewis
Year Of Living Dangerously by Carolyn Durham
Fitzcarraldo by Howard Davis, Dilwyn Jenkins
Terms Of Endearment by Douglas Kellner
Indiana Jones and Temple Of Doom by Moishe Postone, Elizabeth Traube
Latino Portrayals in Film and TV by Jesus Salvador Treviño
Inside Prime Time reviewed by Elayne Rapping
Conflict and Contradiction in Mass Media by Michael Selig
Special Section: Sexual Representation
Politics of Sexual Representation by Chuck Kleinhans, Julia Lesage
Male Gay Porn: Coming to Terms by Richard Dyer
Men's Pornography: Gay versus Straight by Tom Waugh
Homo Video by John Greyson
Not A Love Story by Lisa DiCaprio
Bonnie Klein interview by Lisa DiCaprio
Jorge Sanjinés and Tomás Gutierrez Alea by William Alexander
The Viewer's Dialectic 2 by Tomás Gutierrez Alea
The Other Francisco by Julia Lesage
Latin American Cinema Bibliography by Robert Scott
German Film Women, 3
Films of Jeanine Meerapfel by Shawn S. Magee
Heidi Genee interview by Renate Fischetti
German Women Filmmakers Association by Petra Haffter
Female Sensuality by Gertrud Koch
Dialogue on Under Fire by Elayne Rapping, Robert Simon
From Bloomington, Indiana, to Esteli, Nicaragua by The Editors

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