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Jump Cut, No. 31, March 1986

The Color Purple by Sarah Halprin
Twice in a Life Time by Elayne Rapping
Rambo First Blood, Part II by Mike Felker
They Don't Wear Black Tie by Andy Piascik
The Natural by Rob Silberman
Erendira by Thomas Kiely
Sauve Qui Peut La Vie by James Roy MacBean
Hollywood reconsidered: special section
Introduction by Deborah H. Holdstein
Hollywood cinema (editorial, no. 2)
Theories of Authorship reviewed by Barry Grant
The Hollywood Musical reviewed by Jeremy Butler
Lady Be Good: Do dogs dance? by Jane Gaines
LBG: the success sequence by D. Scott Brewer and Chuck Kleinhans
LBG: ideology of the success sequence by Chuck Kleinhans
Independent film: special section
Distributing independent film by Freude Bartlett
Freude Bartlett interviewed by Hess and Kleinhans
Kiai! Women in Self-defense by Gina Marchetti
Reproduction rights organizing films by Aimee J. Frank and Abigail Norman
The Real Thing by Kimberly Safford
Feminist documentary in India: Deepa Dhanraj interviewed by Julia Lesage
Yidl Mitn Fidl by Sarah Schulman
Voices from a Steeltown by John Hess
African film: special section
The films of Med Hondo by Françoise Pfaff
What is cinema to us? by Med Hondo
Med Hondo interview by Mark Reid and Sylvie Blum
Research on African film and video by Françoise Pfaff
Film in the Peoples Republic of China: special section
China's Film Policy Now: Cheng Jihua and Chen Mei interviewed by Claire Aguilar, Chris Berry
Entering Middle Age by Mark I. Pinsky
Movies in China by Tani Barlow and Donald M. Lowe
Resources and political essays: special section
Vietnam: an appropriate pedogogy by William Alexander
Vietnam and the artist: syllabus by William Alexander
Labor/solidarity: new possibilities by John Hess
Women's rage by Julia Lesage
Cuba festival report by Chuck Kleinhans and Julia Lesage

Jump Cut, No. 32, April 1987

Aliens by Jim Naureckas
Peggy Sue Got Married by Bob Bartosch
1984 and Brazil by John Hutton
Entre Nous by Hervé Wattelier
Love Boat and Fantasy Island by Ellen Seiter
Recent work of Barbara Hammer by Claudia Gorbman
Hollywood reconsidered: special section
The Stepford Wives by Lilly A. Boruszkowski
Hollywood's Rosie the Riveter by Carolyn Galerstein
Dark Victory, The Great Lie and Now Voyager by Deborah H. Holdstein
Imitation of Life (Stahl and Douglas) by Jeremy G. Butler
The Far Shore by Lauren Rabinovitz
The Honeymoon Killers by Helen DeMichiel
Sexual representation: introduction by Chuck Kleinhans
Pornography and doubleness of sex for women by Joanna Russ
Interview with women porn stars by Annette Fuentes and Margaret Schrage
Firecracker by Gina Marchetti
Giving Way by Jake Jakaitis
The Seduction by Patricia Erens
Third World media: introduction by Chuck Kleinhans
The Viewer's Dialectic III by Tomás Guiterrez Alea. Trans: Julia Lesage
Subsaharan African film history by Manthia Diawara
Chilean cinema: ten years of exile (1973-83) by Zuzana Pick
Report from the Havana Film Festival by John Hess

Jump Cut, No. 33, February 1988

Hoosiers by Deborah Tudor
Miami Vice by ONC Wang
Miami Vice and L.A. Law by Kathleen Karlyn Rowe
Platoon. Full Metal Jacket by Mike Felker
Matewan. The Sicilian by John Hess
Wildrose by Rob Silberman
Black women's responses to The Color Purple by Jacqueline Bobo
Slavery motif in The Color Purple and The Brother from Another Planet by Ed Guerrero
Re-Vision: Essays in Feminist Criticism reviewed by Ellen Seiter
Books on German film reviewed by Jan Mouton
Photographic image of underdevelopment by Edmundo Desnöes (trans. Julia Lesage)
Learning together: Marxist study of third world film and video by Chuck Kleinhans, Manji Pendakur
Revolutionary film in El Salvador today: "Lino S" interviewed by Devra Weber
K. A. Abbas (1914-1987) by Carol Slingo
The Mission by Mark I. Pinsky
Workers Film And Photo League Special Section
Television: the new weapon for the imperialist war by Sam Brody
Books on Left film history reviewed by Peter Bates
On a theory of "sources" by Sam Brody
The Left Side of Paradise: Screenwriting of John Howard Lawson reviewed by Peter Bates
Representing AIDS by the Editors
Safer-sex guidelines and suggested reading by Jan Grover

Jump Cut, No. 34, March 1989

Die Hard by Maurice Yacowar
Max Headroom by Erik MacDonald
Robocop by Julie F. Codell
Robocop by Steve Best
El Norte by Chris List
Current Russian films by Brenda Ballog
Fictions of Documentary by Julia Lesage
Engagement and the documentary by Anne Fischel
Work of Johann Van Der Keuken by Cohn Chambers
I Love Money by John Hess
Women and abuse documentaries by Loretta Campbell
Appalshop documentaries by Jane M.Gaines
Holocaust documentaries by Thomas Friedmann and Owen Shapiro
Special Bulletin by Tijani El-Miskin
Theories of the news by Mariko Tomita and Carl Bybee
Film in China by Gina Marchetti
1930s Chinese leftist films by Chris Berry
Two Stage Sisters by Gina Marchetti
Xie Jin, int. by Da Huo'er
Teng Wenji, int. by George Semsel
Media in China by Tani Barlow and Donald Lowe
Disharmonic convergence by the Editors

Jump Cut, No. 35, April 1990

Female address on music television by Lisa A. Lewis
Sexual representation: introduction by the Editors
On pornographic cinema by Gertrud Koch, trans. Jan-Christopher Horak
Ganja and Hess by Manthia Diawara and Phyllis Klotman
El Brigadista by John Ramirez
The hypothetical lesbian heroine by Chris Straayer  
Women in Hollywood musicals by Martin Roth
The IBM tramp by Stephen Papson
Power and Paranoia reviewed by Tony Williams
Labor and electronic cinema by Michael Nielsen
Down And Out in Beverly Hills. Rocky IV. Aliens by Christine Holmlund
Diary for My Loves. '68 by Steven Kovács
Fassbinder's Brechtian aesthetics by H-B. Moeller
The Last Temptation of Christ by Lisa DiCaprio    
Films of Patricia Gruben by Kathleen McHugh
Watsonville on Strike by Geoffrey Dunn
Arts censorship by the Editors    
World in change by the Editors   

Jump Cut, No. 36, May 1991

Gulf war television by Ernest Larsen       
The Ploughman's Lunch by Tony Williams 
War films by Kali Tal       
House of Games by Laura Kipnis
Heathers by Nick Burns 
Low-budget alternatives by Charles Eidsvik
African and black diaspora film and video by Mark A. Reid
Andreé Daventure interview by Mark A. Reid
Emitai and Ceddo by G.H. Kindam, M. Steele
Come Back Africa by Ntongela Matilda
Hollywood's apartheid: 3 films by Nicholas Wellington
Anglophone African media byFrank Ukadike
U.S. black family film by Mark A. Reid
Dr. Roland Jefferson interview by Elizabeth Jackson
Barbara McCullough interview by Elizabeth Jackson
Films of Isaac Julien by José Arroyo
Ethnic Notions and Tongues Untied by Chuck Kleinhans
Marion Riggs interview by C. Kleinhans, J. Lesage
"P.C." hysteria by the Editors

Jump Cut, No. 37, July 1992

After Cosby/After the L.A. rebellion by the Editors
The Cosby Show by Mike Budd and Clay Steinman
Salvador and Noreiga by John Caldwell
Salaam Bombay! by Jyotika Virdi
Representations of democracy in China by Scott Nygren
U.S. movies in China by Peter Scheckner
Third world TV in the U.S. by Blanche S. Chang
Come See the Paradise by Robert M. Payne
Family Gathering by Cassandra Van Buren
PBS and AIDS by Ron Gregg
Truth or Dare and Paris Is Burning by Jack Waters
NY experimental gay/lesbian film festival by Edith Becker
Lesbian viewing and perversity by Jennifer Montgomery
Super-8 films and the aesthetics of intimacy by Daryl Chin
Wild Life by Gabriel Gomez
Dorothy Arzner's trousers by Jane Gaines
30s radical exhibition practices by Brad Chisholm
In the Shadow of the Stars by Sara Halprin
Mothers, madness and melodrama by Gretchen Bisplinghoff

Jump Cut, No. 38, June 1993

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Mashoed Bailie
The Abyss by Jody Lyle
Hidden Agenda and JFK by Jerry White
Montage by Felicia Feaster
Deewar by Jyotika Virdi
Love, Women and Flowers by Ilene Goldman
Marta Rodriguez interview by Dennis West and Joan M. West
El hilo latino: representation, identity, culture by Chon A. Noriega
Cuban cinema in exile by Ana M. Lopez
Puerto Rican cinema in New York by Lillian Jiménez
Puerto Rican women's film/video making by Frances Negrón Muntaner
The Latino Collaborative
Cine Acción
Break of Dawn by Christine List
El Teatro Campesino's La Pastorela: A Shepherd's Tale (1991) by Kathleen Newman
American Me by Carmen Huaco-Nuzum
Strategies for Latino screenwriters by Charles Ramírez Berg
U.S. film periodicals by John Hess and Chuck Kleinhans
1993 Berlin Film Festival by Inez Hedges
Teaching the "other" by Chuck Kleinhans
Teaching the multicultural requirement by Julia Lesage

Jump Cut, No. 39, June 1994

THE CRYING GAME by Robert M. Payne
THE CRYING GAME by Aspasia Kotsopoulos and Josephine Mills
IMITATION OF LIFE by Richard Henke
ORANGES ARE NOT THE ONLY FRUIT by Margaret Marshment and Julia Hallam
Rape and captivity by Elliott Gruner
Special section 2 on Latinos and the media
Theory and practice by Chon A. Noriega
WEST SIDE STORY by Alberto Sandoval Sanchez
Chicano/Latino men in gay pornography by Christopher Ortiz
Chicano personal cinema by Willie Varela
Edin Velez by Lillian Jiménez
Pocha manifesto #1 by Sandra Peña-Sarmiento
The numbers game by Chon Noriega
MADE ON RAILS in Mexico by John Mraz
Video ethnography by Eric Margolis
JUMP CUT's 20 years: politics of editing by the editors

Jump Cut, No. 40, March 1996

Hoop Dreams by Murray Sperber
Hoop Dreams by Lee Jones
The Lion King by Matt Roth
Wide Sargasso Sea by Carey Snider and Eric Anders
PBS' postmodern museum by Laura Denham
Guy Aoki on Rising Sun interviewed by Robert M. Payne
Black autobiographical documentary by Jim Lane
The Making of 'Monsters' by R. Bruce Brassell
Mandabi by Sada Niang
Sango Malo and Ta Dona by Jonathan Haynes
Claire Denis interviewed by Mark Reid
Working class girls' culture in Taiwan by Fang-Chih Yang
Men, Women and Chainsaws and Hard Bodies reviewed by Marian Jebb
National Identity and Europe: The Television Revolution rev. by Richard Maxwell
Unthinking Eurocentrism reviewed by Ilene Goldman
Special section on studying sexual images
Introduction by Chuck Kleinhans
Pornographies, pleasures, pedagogies in UK/US by Pat Kirkham and Beverley Skeggs
Media scholars teaching pornography by Ramona Curry
Some pragmatics in teaching sexual images by Chuck Kleinhans
Teaching the Body Course by Kate Kane
Straight women, gay porn, and the scene of erotic looking by Laura U. Marks
Editorial: JUMP CUT goes electronic, sort of.... by the editors

Jump Cut, No. 41, May 1997

STAR WARS by Dan Rubey
BLADE RUNNER by Robert Barringer
"Electronic Eros" reviewed by Amy Wegener
Special section: contradictions of sexual representation 
Introduction by Chuck Kleinhans
Porn-education roadshows by Eithne Johnson
Sex instruction videos by Robert Eberwein
"Bound and Gagged" reviewed by Eric Schaefer
"Deviant Eyes, Deviant Bodies" reviewed by Jane Gaines
Racial discourse in UK politics and media by Susan Hayward
Books on ethnicity and film by Karla Fuller
Harry Shearer interviewed by John O'Kane
Pacifica's WBAI by Jeff Land
Political economy of Reali-TV by Chad Raphael
GAY CUBA by John Hess

Remembering Titón by Michael Chanan
Spilling out onto Castro Street by Marc Siegel

Jump Cut, No. 42, December 1998

Action in motion: kinesthesia in martial arts films by Aaron Anderson
Police shows on UK television by Gareth Palmer
TV cook shows by Phebe Shih Chao
SELENA by Chuck Kleinhans
BOOGIE NIGHTS by Peter Lehman
Insiders and "outcasts" in STAR TREK by Elspeth kydd
Reproductive technologies and public culture by Amy Beer
Dividers and doorways by Kaucyila Brooke
Fringe cultures by Gina Marchetti
Labor organizing and consciousness raising films by John Hess
The Aztlán Film Institute's top 100 films by Chon Noriega
Special section: China and China diaspora media
Plural and transnational: introduction by Gina Marchetti
Defining "Chinese" by Yeh Yeuh-yu
ERMO by Anne T. Ciecko and Sheldon Lu
Gay life in China: EAST PALACE, WEST PALACE by Chris Berry
SONG OF THE EXILE by Chua Siew Keng
SONG OF THE EXILE by Tony Williams
New Taiwan Cinema in the 80s by Douglas Kellner
THE STORIES OF RED RIBBONS series by Hsing-chi Hu
Chinese diaspora documentaries by Peter X Feng
The public sphere by Chuck Kleinhans

Jump Cut, No. 43, July 2000

THE MUMMY by Ernest Larsen
8MM by Peter Lehman
HEAT by J. A. Lindstrom
ROB ROY by Brian Woolland
Ed Gein and the figure of the transgendered serial killer by K. E. Sullivan
Andrew Cunanan in the houseboat with the bloody Versace scarf by Matthew Soar
The documentary chronotope by Michael Chanan
Self-publishing electronically by Jeremy Butler
"Hard to Imagine" reviewed by Ronald Gregg
MR. AND MRS. 55 by Jyotika Virdi
Conversations with a snake: NAGINA by Andam P. Kavoori, Christina Joseph
Indian television by Shanti Kumar
Mexican experimental cinema and Ximena Cuevas by Sergio de la Mora
Festival ¡Cine Latino! by John Hess
Indigenous video in Guatemala by Erica Wortham
Adjuncts and GAS organize by Mike Budd
Pacifica history and current turmoil by Kamran Afary
Global anxieties, practical analyses by the Editors

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