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Chuck Kleinhans

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Concepts for analyzing experimental film and video.pdf

Letter on sexual harrassment.pdf

Chuck on Brakhage.pdf

Commications, technology, and progress.pdf

Cultural appropriation and subcultural expression: the dialectics of cooptation and resistance.pdf

Ideology in cultural theory.pdf

Notes on the Marxist study of popular culture.1973.pdf

Marxism and film.pdf

More on defining the avant-garde.pdf

My course innovations.pdf

A philosophy and pragmatics of writing.pdf

The work of art in the age of reproductive systems and Walter Benjamin.pdf

Structuralism with a close analysis of "Morocco".pdf

Teaching sexual representation.pdf

Theory classes — rules of thumb.pdf

Washington women: Joan Allen in the White House.pdf

Avant-gardes, individuals, instiutions.pdf

A little introduction to Bourdieu.pdf

Marx on commodity fetishism.pdf

More on cultural consecration and legitimization.pdf

Ideology notes.pdf

Cultural Studies: a preliminary institutional definition.pdf

A checklist for fillm/media studies programs.pdf

Documentary and Naturalism pdf

The individual.pdf

Unities in film/video art.pdf

Chuck and Julia wedding announcment

Artworld and neoliberalism.pdf

Contemporary documentary film: final exam review pdf

Documentary film styles outline.pdf

Experimental video artworld history.pdf

Field of cultural production.pdf

Godard and others: the impact of film practice on film theory.pdf

The situation of film theory in 1968.pdf

Online experimental.pdf


Notes for a lecture on postmodernism.pdf

Reading theory: rules of thumb.pdf

Sexual representation syllabus.pdf

Teaching the Brakhage DVD.pdf